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REGINALD POLICARD (2010) - MOMENTUM | Capturing Nuances in Crystal Sounds

A year and a half after launching the well acclaimed jazz album "Changing Moods", pianist Reginald Policard (RP) releases his fourth Jazz project since his 2004 very "Kreyl Jazz" debut "Tradition". He continues to streamline his music by exploring Latin (Mia), Jazz 2(PM), Brazilian (Fanny), Konpa (My Funny Valentine) influences to build a musical language of his own.

Reginald Policard, MomentumBack up by more than twenty musicians of all background, this project confirms that RP seems to have found his niche embodied by dazzling smooth jazz arrangements such as "coup de foudre" or great Konpa jazz pieces like "My Funny Valentine", where he reverses the trend by inviting an American Jazz vocalist to sing on a Konpa Dirk tempo. The project incorporates as well a tribute to one of his favorite musicians, Pat Metheny, a valentine celebration with Miami-based singer Nicole Henry, and finally, collaborations with vocalists Fader Lima, son Jeff Policard on "Fanny" and "Pa di m'".

The dewy chords that call out the unison melody of the eponymous title "Momentum", the galloping beat that drives to the pick/break point to open Fernandez' stupendous soprano's solo translate a clear mastery of a process of his own. It is interesting to mention the revisit of "Twa Fy" with a predominance of Latin brass that intertwines with Ady Lafosse's rapid Yanvalou tempo (bass) and Obed Calvaire's rock-solid drive on drums. This piece and Fanny seems to tell the world that Haiti is alive despite its latest vicissitudes.

Momentum reiterates Policard's determination to venture and to surf various avenues of Jazz music with a twist of Caribbean and Latin flavor. The musician seems increasingly comfortable with this detour triggered in 2006 by the restrictive aspect of the Konpa genre in terms of creativity and artistry. This new hat seems to suit better the bold personality of the most prolific jazz musician on the Haitian Kreyòl Jazz scene nowadays.

For KariJazz
Alphonse Piard, Jr. (ALPI)
January 22, 2011

French Version - Version Française

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