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BEMOL TELFORT - A MULTI COLOR DREAM | The pursuance of an interrupted conversation

Bemol Telfort - 2009 CD - A Multi-Color DreamMonday, March 9, 2009 - 9:10 AM - Guitarist Bemol Telfort launches his third album entitled A "Multi-Color Dream". Carved in the same stone as his first project "The Good News is The Bad News Was Wrong", this album reiterates a powerful statement about the guitarist's magic touch in turning song from our traditional repertoire into masterpieces as exemplified by the rendering of the popular Haitian tune Mèsi Bondye.

According to my first impressions, the whole album is about exploring these octaves with a twist of Montgomery's colors to bring to the next level those melodies, licks and solos that personalize his approach, make his music so unique and his sound so distinctive.

Chapeau Mr. B!

Karl Joseph
MARCH 9, 2009

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