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Miami Jazz Scene - Jean Caze | CD Release Date: August, 2006
A collection of smooth pieces which express a certain mastery and a rare artistry

Jean Caze's "Miami Jazz Scene" constitutes another gem added to the Royal Crown of the growing movement of Haitian Jazz. Indeed with this new trumpet virtuoso on board, we are seeing a pleasant increase in the repertoire of Jazz Music produced by Haitians or Haitian Americans. Moreover this young cat (24) is dragging behind him an impressive amount of awards and distinctions. His itinerary has leaded him to play or open shows for the greatest in the field. This guy is really serious about his music and this first release is certainly a stepping stone toward new heights.

Jean Caze, CD: Miami Jazz SceneMiami Jazz Scene is an elegant rendition of years of musical experiences depicted by subtle brush strokes and elusive arrays of colors stretching from the seventies to present. Thanks to keyboardist Andrew Fisher whose sonic explorations permitted to weave an intelligent support to the compositions of this young trumpet player. Fisher creates an adequate environment for the latter to deliver elegant statements in beauty and colors. Caze who understands the value of scarcity chose to mute his trumpet for the track, entitled "Haitian Peace Song", to command a performance of off-center beauty "à la manière de" Miles Davis. The result is a very balanced composition which is a sort of antonym of Charles Mingus' famous "Haitian Fight Song" as he commented during our recent interview.

With this first album, Jean Caze has also stamped his first footprints as a skilled and creative composer. Out of the nine tracks on the CD, eight are his compositions. And let's emphasize on the uniqueness of this approach of Caravan of Tizol/Ellington, the last track on the album. The arrangements are superb. The horns are dazzling with this neo-classic's flavor of the "Young Lions" of the 80s. There is an enormous array of originality and extremely creative forces driving this music. One will notice at once the clear sound of the maturity of this young trumpeter who does not resemble to any other trumpet player on the present Jazz scene. Although the listener may discern some influence here and there, nonetheless he has this very clear and distinctive sound of his own. All the ingredients are there and this CD is one of the best out there.

The clear and limpid sound of Jean Caze is a valuable addition to the Haitian Jazz scene which seems to gain an increasing interest from the public in general. The trumpeter's agenda seems to favor future projects involving more of this Haitian "flavor". We are delighted of such perspectives and we are looking forward to more projects in these avenues. His playing is inflammatory, full of searing runs and rips into his medium and highest registers... Melodically he draws from the hard bop phrase book penned by Miles Davis and refined by Wynton Marsalis and Nicholas Payton. But still he delivers a really personal approach with its blowing. His solo on "Aint Nuthin Wrong" is a brilliant illustration of artistry.

Miami Jazz Scene is a collection to possess. The tracks are nicely done and fall into the smooth jazz registry. This is a must for any Haitian Jazz music aficionado. Do not make copy. Encourage this brilliant and incredibly talented young musician. Buy the CD.

Highly recommended!

Alphonse Piard, Jr.
June 1, 2007

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