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Armstrong Jeunee
Armstrong Jeune - Dial J For Jazz | CREOLE POETRY ON A SWING BACKDRO

Release in 2005, almost incognito, Dial "J" for Jazz is a unique album that revealed Armstrong Jeune as a jazz singer. Mr. Jeune, known as an advanced Compas singer for his works with Bazilik (Eddy Brisseaux), the New York All Stars and for his involvement with the recent underrated musical combo "Dola"(being revamp without the singer) emerged from this CD as a confident jazz vocalist, capable of surfing various genres without losing the essence of his artistry. One feels compelled by this voice that resounds deep in the listener's head and seems to effortlessly navigate all registries.

Thumbs up to Mini Records for this brilliant initiative; a panoply of very talented and well-known jazz musicians appeared on the album upon Fred Paul's request who picked the cream of the crops to back up Armstrong's bluesy voice that, as he described it, blew his mind. In the album booklet, he gives his impression. "All of a sudden, Armstrong was singing another musical genre I had never heard him sing before. You cannot imagine the impact it had on me… Check it out!" This album reveals a new talent – or should I say a unique talent- among the existing male Kreyňl Jazz vocalists, a select club that seems to intimidate quite a few.

Having spent his childhood in Petit Goâve, long escapades in the countryside instilled probably this sense of picturesque poetry within Armstrong's soul as he describes or suggests many aspects of the life in Haiti as key elements of his poetry. Women play a central role in the singer's world as exemplified by almost all the tracks that depict the impact of female's love on the opposite sex and maybe on the young adult he was when he left Haiti to pursue his high school in the US.

Although his career is in the more lucrative Compas industry, the natural talent, and the versatility of his reach voice on this album deserve greater acclaim than the few hand claps generated by such a positive initiative never endeavored before. The warm voice and personality of the crooner, his precise diction and phrasing, the near-flawless pitch combine to make him one of the strongest male jazz vocalists on the Kreyňl Jazz scene.

Karijazz wants to send the warmest accolade to this brilliant jazz singer for this first and unique opus… hoping for more to come… in fact, we're craving for more…

Dial "J" for Jazz - Kreyol Jazz/ Mini Records 2005

Piano: Tom Torielo, Silvano Monasterios , Guitar: Leo Quintero, Joe Demarco, Bass: Leo Brooks, Drums: Obed Calvaire, Goetz Kujack, Tenor Sax: Dany Negro, Alto Sax: Didier Labossičre, Congas and Percussion: Richard Bravo

Alphonse Piard, Jr.
September 18, 2011

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