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Buyu 2011 CD Release
Celebrating the Cultural Duality of the Haitian Diaspora

With this third album released last December, saxophonist Alix Buyu Ambroise reiterates his infatuation with Kreyòl Jazz and sealed his contribution to this movement not only as an important player with his "Blue and Red Band, but also as an amazing visionary who is expanding the musical contour of this subgenre of mainstream jazz.

For this new CD, Buyu adopts a more personal approach by adding six of his own compositions that depict in subtle brush strokes the culture of the group. The listener will enjoy Just in Caze, a piece that exhibits a typical "Blues in Red Band" sound and a tribute to trumpet player Jean Caze, the 2007 runner-up of the Thelonious Monk Institute Jazz Competition. Three of these new compositions Didier, Chloe and Alexis are named after his children as if he wanted to tell them again how deep and immense is his love for them.

On the other hand, the saxophonist continues to explore the Haitian musical repertoire. We want to command him for:
• The bold, unusual and unexpected arrangement on Alex Dougé's composition Vacances with a poetic prelude from jazz vocalist Mélanie Charles as she scats so beautifully on a twist of Latin jazz tapestry.
• The simplicity and beauty of the approach on Arsène Apollon's Haiti with guitarist Eddy Bourjolly's intricate jazz chords punctuated by a short-out-of-the-world solo, as well as the flamboyant high register trumpet variation by a joyful Jean Caze.

Last not least, we would like to mention John Coltrane's Fifth Avenue and the unforgettable Naima with a smooth Jazz flavor and finally Wayne Shorter's United. These pieces stand for the other side of the cultural duality that pertains to the Diaspora after so many years of voluntary or involuntary exile

Buyu Ambroise, I think wanted to make a statement with this third opus. Although he was musically deeply involved in shaping the recording, he chose not to be upfront this time, leaving space to his cast for more personal expression. Indeed, these pieces are all about an elegant statement of showing the treasure of the motherland as well as the musical beauty of our foster country through the eyes of Jean Caze, Melanie Charles, Paul Beaudry, Lou Rainone, Eddy Bourjolly, Marcus Schwartz, Gil Defy, Eliazer Berrios, Alan Mednar, Tiga, ect…

Personnel - Alix Buyu Ambroise (tenor saxophone) - Lou Rainone (piano: except: 3, 6) - Paul Beaudry (double bass: except: 3, 6) - Willie Martinez (drums: 2-5, 7-9) - Markus Schwatz (Haitian drums: 2, 4-5, 7-9) - Waldron Ricks (Trumpet: 2, 4-5, 7-9, 11) - Jean Caze (Trumpet/flugelhorn: 2, 6) - Gil Defay (Trumpet/flugelhorn: 1, 10) - Dion Tucker (trombone: 1, 10) - Eddy Bourjolly (guitar: 3, 5) - Eliazer "Bombie" Berrios (drums: 1, 10) - Allan Mednard (drums: 6, 11-12) - Tiga Jean-Baptiste (percussion: 1, 10) - Melanie JB Charles (vocals: 3) - Yunior Terry (double bass: 3, 6) - Axel Tosca Laugart (piano: 3) - Frederic Las Fargeas (piano / synt. string arr.: 6) - Marise Jean Baptiste (background vocals: 3)

Artist Website: www.BuyuAmbroise.com

Alphonse Piard, Jr.
Friday, August 24, 2012

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