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Roland CameauRoland Cameau, better known as the quiet guitarist behind Dadou Pasquet, released his first and exciting CD entitled "Rise of the Phoenix", on July 2011. His wide ranging repertoire includes a variety of Smooth Jazz, as well as Jazzy Kompa and Zouk. The artist really cut us by surprise by showing exceptional artistic qualities, great rhythmic skills, and colorful arrangements on this project.

Karijazz sat down with Roland Cameau on an interview to talk about "Rise of the Phoenix" and his upcoming "CD Release Party" at Mirelle's Restaurant on September 9.

KJ: Can you tell us briefly how your musical journey began?

Roland: It Started in Haiti playing bass lines on a guitar with 2 strings. Later on in the U.S., I began playing through listening. Thereafter, I decided to pursue music as a career (performing and teaching).

KJ: How was the experience of playing with Dadou Pasquet and the Magnum Band?

Roland: It was his playing which inspired me to take the guitar seriously. I don't think I can ever describe it. It's an experience of a lifetime. I've learned so much playing with those guys. It's always an honor to play with the Magnum Band.

KJ: "Rise of the Phoenix" is such a divers and colorful CD. How did you come up with the project? Did you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with this album?

Roland Cameau, Rise of the PhoenixRoland: Absolutely! I started working on the album before January 12th, 2010, (Haiti's earthquake). That date put it all in perspective for me as far as the project was concerned. My vision and motivation became easy. I felt that I had to do something to help the country. So I put all my energy in creating the project to not only dedicate it to Haiti but to raise funds to help the education sector as well.

KJ: Did you undergo any challenge while coming up with your own project?

Roland: Making an album is serious business. All praise to God that everything went smoothly and on a professional level.

KJ: What artists influenced you the most?

Roland: As far as my major musical influences, I have to say that it was Dadou Pasquet and my jazz guitar instructor Joe Ravo.

KJ: On September 9 at Mirelle's Restaurant, in Long Island, for the first time, you will have the opportunity to play live for the community. What should the fans expect from this performance?

Roland: They should expect a good show. I'm going to do everything that I can to make that happen.

Roland: Who will be performing with you?

Roland: It's an all star cast with Shedly Abraham (drums), The "Fridge" Yve Abel (bass), Martine Marseille (vocal), Sergo Decius (congas), Frederic Lasfargas (keys), Jean Caze (trumpet) to name a few. 85% of whom recorded on the album. And that's why the fan can expect an exciting evening.

KJ: This album offers the listener an interesting musical ride. Should we anticipate another project out next year?

Roland: Nothing is impossible. I'm going to continue to monitor the response for "Rise of the Phoenix". If it continues to be a good one, I'll consider it.

KJ: Different styles of music have been very often associated with their correspondent decades. As a veteran in the HMI (Haitian Music Industry), can you tell us how the musical scene has changed since the beginning of your career?

Roland: It has change a lot. The "Nouvelle Generation" is currently going through its own changes. They will continue to represent the "commercial market". However, I like the "Haitian Jazz" movement. It's setting the stage where some of the best Haitian jazz players are featured. Haitian music is being played on a higher level. Creativity is very high. It's important to get the support from all angles to continue this movement.

KJ: Thanks for sharing that moment with Karijazz. I look forward to enjoying your music on September 9th.

Roland: Thank you for this interview. I appreciate your support very much. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Mirelle's Restaurant Sept. 9th.

Karl Joseph,
Monday, August 22, 2011

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